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Life is not a sport for spectators

I have always been involved and committed in sport – as an athlete, coach, volunteer, researcher, communicator and spectator. My educational background is a master degree in Political Science and Physical Education and I have five chapters of my work life with different perspectives of sport. I have extensive theoretical knowledge and many practical experiences about the value of sport. My knowledge and experiences are obtained from youth education, higher education and research institutions, and the daily life of Danish and international elite sport.

For more than three decades I have worked with top athletes, coaches, high performance managers and researchers. In addition, I have worked with many municipalities, clubs, federations and organizations as well as some of Denmark’s largest private companies. Finally, I have many experiences as chairman and member of boards, voluntary organizations, federations, associations and public institutions. Today I have a number of collaborators whom I appreciate and which I solve different types of tasks for and along with. Because – Life is not a sport for spectators!


The quality of federation leadership is the key to success or failure

Both the Sports Confederation of Denmark (DIF) and Team Denmark are very dependent on the quality of the political and administrative leadership of the individual federations. Regardless of whether it is about medals for Denmark, talent development, recruitment of children, dropouts among youth, development of new activities or good facilities, a close and well-functioning collaboration … Read more

Danish sports policy: An arena for conflicts and the fight for public subsidies

New book about sports with lots of facts, subjective analyzes and significant attitudes There are books about sports which should absolutely be published, because with this we can become wiser about ourselves, the communities and the society of which we are a part. And there are books about sports that should never have been published … Read more

Atlantic’s boys – about handball, identity and robustness 

On Thursday afternoon, several hundred Faroese will be spectators in Max-Schmeling-Halle in Berlin and tens of thousands on the island kingdom in the middle of the Atlantic will follow with glowing interest the Faroe Islands’ World Championship quarter-final for the U21 national team in handball against Serbia. 5 wins in as many matches – included … Read more

A safe and well-functioned sports environment for children and youth does not include live streaming

A number of the Confederation of Danish Sports’ federations – i.a. The Danish Handball Federation (DHF), the Danish Ice Hockey Federation (DIU), the Danish Basketball Federation, Floorball Denmark and Volleyball Denmark – have during the past year entered into cooperation agreements with the international, commercial company “Sportway” for live streaming of children’s and youth matches … Read more

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