The High Performance Unit (HPU) is a division of the Finnish Olympic Committee. The aims of HPU are to support athletes and teams with finances and services such as sports medicine, physical training, dietary guidelines, physiotherapy, sportspsychology and education. HPU is located in Helsinki and Vuakatti. In addition, HPU has a close collaboration with KIHU at Jyväskylä University.

Scandinavian Network for Elitesport (SNE) is a Nordic collaboration on education, research, sharing of knowledge and dissemination between four universities: Aarhus University, University of Gothenburg, Norway School of Sport Sciences and Jyväskylä University. The collaboration includes student exchange at the graduate and ph.d.-level as well as the organization of seminars.

“Sport & Science” is a Nordic magazine that disseminates knowledge and practice from scientific publications. The magazine’s target groups are coaches, high performance managers, athletes, researchers, journalists and experts – doctors, physiotherapists, sports psychologists and P.E. teachers – in clubs, federations, organizations and educational institutions.

Danish School Sport is a nationwide sports organization. The aims of the organization are to promote the learning and well-being of all school children through sport and physical activities in the school days. The organization consists of a secretariat located in Nyborg, and 15 members in different regions.