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Presentations and lectures

I offer inspiring and dedicated presentations and lectures on different topics of sport at local, national and international events, seminars or conferences. Presentations and lectures are always adapted to the specific target groups, but the following topics may be on the agenda: “Talent Development” – “Danish and international elite sport” – “How to develop a strong team?” – “Life is not a sport for spectators” “Olympic Games – the world’s largest sporting event”. Feel free to contact me about topics of sport and price for presentations and lectures.



I offer advice and coaching to athletes, coaches, high performance managers and directors in Danish and international elite sport. Advice and coaching are always based on a confidential dialogue with focus on your challenges. You are very welcome to contact me for a non-binding conversation about the framework and terms of cooperation for personal counselling and coaching. Counselling and coaching are always compiled according to your wishes and needs.



I plan, implement and evaluate seminars on a specific topic of sport in your club, federation or organization. Theme and content are always developed through a prior dialogue with you. The form of work will be a combination of presentations, individual and group work as well as discussions in plenary. I always offer recommendations that you can work on in the short and long term. You are always welcome to contact me for a dialogue of the framework, content and terms of cooperation.



I prepare professional, strategic and organizational analyses in topics of sport, ex. analyses at the club, federal or organizational level. The analysis is always based on a confidential dialogue about the aim, content, form, resources, perspectives and consequences of the analysis. The analysis can be focused on current topics and challenges or on visions, goals, strategies and scenarios. The analysis is always conveyed in an easy-to-read language that is adapted to the analysis’s target groups. You are welcome to contact me about the framework, content and terms of an analysis, regardless of scope and time perspective.



I offer to assist clubs, federations and organizations in selecting and hiring employees, e.g. directors, sports managers, head coaches or professional experts (doctor, physiotherapist, dietitian, sports psychologist etc.). In this area, I collaborate with JobInnovation -http: // – which means that strategies, methods and tests have been applied and developed through research and practice experiences. You are welcome to contact me for an informal talk about a recruting process or parts of a recruiting process, for example. job postings, tests or final interviews with two or three candidates for the job.